Rail Ambulance


Medilift Train Ambulance Services in Delhi is one of the high caring medical escorts’ service facilities where any serious patient can easily be transferred under the same environment of intensive care unit in the train. This Emergency service is popular in India and among the people because the serious patients are displaced under the small budget with the transparent and reliable services. Well-Equipped Medilift Train Ambulance in Delhi is the service where the serious ones are shifted by train either 2 AC or 1 AC or 3 AC in the fast train as per the location wise routes like- Rajdhani, Duronto, and others. Each and every medical assistance are available regarding with the serious patients in train like- Medical Team (Doctor, Paramedic, and Medical Dispatchers) and Medical Equipments and Kits (Portable Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Suction Machine, Infusion Pump, Nebulizer Machine, Oxygen Cylinders, Pace Maker, and the whole life support).

Best Service Management Medical Transfer Facility under the ICU Expert Medical Team

Medilift Train Ambulance Cost in Delhi is really the low-cost budgeting, reliable services, safety caring, experience sharing, and in time patients’ shifting service facilities anytime. Generally, there is one of the cheapest modes of patient’s evacuation system by train where any kind of patients can be transferred without any fear. This emergency service renderer provides 24/7 Hours Services so anyone can avail of this train medical escorts services after the call booking procedures.

Medilift Train Medical Escorts Service Facility Works on the Chain-System:-

  • First, the needy dial and get the information about the services and booking facility.
  • Second, the urgent basis call is forwarded to doctors’ panels and patients’ relationship managers.
  • Third, the call is booked through mostly online but both facilities are available online and offline mode.
  • Finally, the booked call is activated and the relationship managers are active the entire time to update the guests until the patients are not shifted at their destination.