Ambulance Service in Gumla

Reaching Remotest Patient with Ambulance Services in Gumla

Gumla is one of the most medically deprived districts of Jharkhand. The district sees a high death rate and mortality. The reason for this is that most patients die due to lack of proper healthcare and delayed reach. To decrease this mortality in the district, Medilift has brought its novel Road Ambulance services in Gumla, Jharkhand.

This is first of its kind ambulance facility in the area. Hope this will provide relief to people who are suffering more due to lack of medical emergency transportation than lack of hospitals. So, let’ fight untimely death! Medilift is with people of Gumla to offer them all kinds of Ambulance Service in Gumla for transportation including cardiac monitoring, oxygen, bed-to-bed transfer, stretcher, and more.

Besides all the immediate transfer and timely reach to hospitals, Medilift also sends its staff to rescue patients fight the untimely death in lack of hospital reach. So, let’s join hands to fight the mortality in Gumla. Medilift is looking to become a savior of every innocent life!

So, whenever you feel there is a need of immediate reach to a hospital in Gumla don’t suffer in silence. Call Medilift Ambulance staff and you’ll get an ambulance in 15 minutes.