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One of the ancient cities of India, Allahabad located on the confluence of River Ganga, River Jamuna and the mythical River Saraswati in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Situated at a distance of 130 km from the city of Varanasi, Allahabad is the oldest city in India and a pilgrimage centre of utmost importance. The city is also famous for the Ardh Kumbh and Kumbh Melas held every six and 12 years respectively.

Medilift Air Ambulance Services in Allahabad is the top-notch ICU facilitating setups and highly taking care of the critically ill patient’s transfer. Medilift Air Ambulance is a Delhi based service provider but has numerous bases in entire India such as Patna, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati, etc. Basically, Medilift Air Ambulance from Allahabad to Delhi, Patna, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. is the most common routes of the medical evacuations of the critically ill patient.

World-Class Medical Equipment and Top-Notch Facility with Medilift Air Ambulance

Medilift Air Ambulances offer its fully-fledged ICU accessories and expertise Medical Escorts to the critically ill patients on –board at a very low-cost price. Our Air Ambulance Service from Allahabad to Delhi is providing the unique and specific bed occupied emergency medevac evacuation via both Chartered and Commercial Aircraft. Our Air Ambulance Services from Allahabad to Hyderabad renders the whole medical equipment as per the requirement of patient on-board. Some of Advanced and Basic Life Support Medical equipment is such as a cardiac monitor, suction machine, nebulizer machine, oxygen cylinders, etc. which are operated by the Medical Experts throughout the journey.

Medilift Ambulance offers Relentless Medical Services 24 x 7 hours x 365 days

We at Medilift Air Ambulance in Allahabad, Jamshedpur, Patna, Ranchi, Gorakhpur and other major cities in India offer low-cost services. One must wonder how we can be so cost-effective; it is possible because we don’t levy any hidden charges or any fees. We keep our service and pricing policy very transparent to the family of the patient, who have booked or hired our Low- cost Air Ambulance Services from Allahabad to Kolkata, Patna to Delhi, Vellore to Chennai and numerous other places in India. Medilift Ambulance services offer cost-effective services without compromising on our world-class service and are available 24 x7 hours and 365 days availability.

Medilift Air Ambulance Service in Allahabad has become the most popular among the people for transferring their patients by all ways and means under the comprehensive medical team. It offers Round the Clock services within India and worldwide too. So call us at the time when you need a medical emergency and we will be at your service within a short interval of time.

Medilift Air Ambulance is specialized in?

  • We offer 24 x7 hours x365 days Services.
  • We provide all sorts of Medical Specialist MD Doctors and other Medical Escorts throughout the patient transfer.
  • Medilift Air Ambulance provides very economical and authentic services.
  • We also provide a very unique Bed to Bed Medevac Evacuation from a city to another.
  • Transparent Medical Service Management

You can rely on Medlift Air Ambulance and its Quality Services.